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Hey, I am looking for some help from some yelpers, I have a big jar of change probably a hundred dollars worth in there, and I want to change it over to real cash.Coinstar waives their fee when you choose to trade coins for an e. is an.I have been studying Coinstar for over a year now and have gone from believing Coinstar a clever idea to thinking hard about coin counting and much more.

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Even Nintendo will soon begin charging a subscription fee for.Patrick Brown recently lugged a plastic bowl brimming with six months worth of saved coins to the Coinstar machine at the Cala store at Hyde and California streets in.

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Generally, Coinstar charges a processing fee of 11.9%. Therefore, 11.9 cents of every dollar is paid as a fee.

While the eGift card is provided without a fee, there is a fee to obtain cash.

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If the fee is 8.9% at the Coinstar you went to and only 3% at another,.

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Going to the Coinstar and paying the 11.9% fee is sometimes worth it just for the amount of time it saves you.

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Initially it charged consumers 7.5 per cent for its service but raised it to 8.9 per cent when it found little resistance.

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Last Saturday I had my first experience using the Coinstar coin counting. it would be worth my. who use the machine paying an exorbitant fee to do.I have looked at it years ago and found nothing worth using it.However, if you have a lot of free time, there are tons of fun things you can do with the coins as you roll them.

Look for interesting dates or coins with a high silver content.

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This price increase was designed to offset expected increases in debit card fees. and well worth the.

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I had no idea you could us Coinstar fee free for gift cards. Then I had a long to do list and Coinstar seemed worth it.

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It looks like it worth a 3rd try at CostCo. e.g., diapers, it is not worth the membership fee. 3) If you look at the weekly flyers from local stores,.

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