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Add Image Lego Superman: The Video Game is an upcoming video game that is a spin-off to Lego.On the final page, we see that the Parasite, Bizarro, the Toyman, the Prankster and Silver Banshee have all been sent into the Phantom Zone.

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Everything she worked so hard for means nothing without the life of her son.

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This is a role play page, and in no way associated with DC Comics.In DC Comics Cat Grant does have a son, but his name is Adam, not Carter and he ends up being killed by the Toyman aka Winslow Schott,.Schott reveals to Jimmy that the Toyman who killed Adam Grant was a robot created by Schott to replace him in.Couple that with the fact that Cat Grant is finally back from her Eat, Pray,.Toyman was later sprung from prison and used by Intergang to help them build some deadly traps at their lair. including Adam Grant, the son of Cat Grant.

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Jordan will guest star in the pilot with the possibility to recur if the series is picked up.She visits an old bar that used to be one of her usual haunts, but does not start.

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In the comics, Schott becomes the villain Toyman. Kara works for a media company called CatCo, run by the formidable Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart).

Like Toyman, Dollmaker was able to build incredibly sophistocated.

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This article is about the Daily Planet reporter known as Cat Grant.

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Years later, The Toyman became a darker, more sinister character who abducted and murdered Adam Morgan, the son of Cat Grant.

HISTORY The son of Cat Grant, Adam was murdered by a Toyman robot. CHRONOLOGY.

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The episode will see the debut of the Toyman, whose played by veteran.In the comics, the Toyman was responsible for the death of Cat Grant's son,...

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